7 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Stock Photo Agencies

I found the magic of photoshows by chance. Several years ago I had a CD made of my vacation photographs at Walgreens, and when I downloaded them into my computer there was an ad for a free download of a photoshow program. I was interested and downloaded the basic program. It took some time to figure out how it worked, but when I finally mastered the simple program, I was hooked. I started uploading my vacation photos, and then found that I could only have 25 photos in this basic program. I made a pretty decent show with the 25 shots that I selected, and then I had to figure out how the music worked. That was pretty simple, as they provided a few stock musical numbers, most of which I had never heard.

When I completed the first Photoshow, I was thrilled acchihealth.com with the way it looked on the computer. Then I copied it onto a CD and was able to watch it on my TV. By that time I was so hooked on this program that I immediately upgraded it to the $39.95 version. It was a simple matter to convert my basic program to the upgraded one, with an easy download from Walgreens. And from then on, I could make all the Photoshows that I wanted, any length that I wanted. There was more selection in the music they provided as well.

At this point, I have been doing this for several years, making Photoshows for my family and friends. This article is geared toward folks who have never tried this before and don’t think they can do it. Yes, you can. I’ll walk you through the process, as you don’t get much (any) instruction for this. Walgreens is now run by Roxio and I’ve just recently downloaded their most recent upgrade. Their pricing has changed and they now require a yearly fee to join. The upgrade is much better than the one I started out with. They have a “Live Chat” option now, which is certainly helpful.

When you go to the website “photoshow.com”, you will get a screen that tells you that you have 3 Options (Add your photos, Personalize, and Share), and tells you to GET STARTED NOW. What they want you to do is upload the photos from your picture file and they will immediately make a photoshow for you, with the music that they select. Click on the “Add Photos” and your picture file will come up. When you have added up to 25 photos, then you click on “Upload”. It will take a little time, depending on how many photos you have.

After the photos have finished uploading, you will be asked to name the Photoshow – this is the Title Page. After completing the information, click O.K., and the completed Photoshow will play with the music that is automatically selected. Now this is the point where it gets to be fun.

You can now select whatever Style you would like, then click on the tab “Music & Photos”. This is where your Personalizing work is done. You can change the music by clicking on the music symbol. The music selection will appear and you can click on each of the selections and listen to a short preview of the music. Click O.K. when you find the music that you like (the categories of music are in the left hand column and the songs are in the right side.)

You can also move your photo selections around in the “Music & Photos” section. Just click and drag the photos and put them in the order that you want them. Simple.

Play with the Photoshow until you get it the way you want it, then you can click on the Share tab. In this section you can make a CD, DVD or share on Facebook, etc. The whole process is really pretty simple if you know the steps.

After using this program for several years, I found that I wanted to make Photoshows for other people, using their own photos. This service would be for people who don’t use a computer or who don’t want to invest the time and money to do it for themselves. I needed a more professional program to work with than the Walgreens (the one I was using at that time), so I ended up buying a program called ProShow Gold by Photodex. This program was much more complicated and took a much longer time to learn. But I love the different options that I have to use to make a more professional looking show.