Care for anxiety attacks – cut fuel supply & prevent attacks!

Treatment for anxiety attacks must reach 2 things; Prevent anxiety from happening again, and cure the underlying general anxiety. If general anxiety does not heal, you will almost certainly continue to suffer more attacks. If you cannot cure an anxiety attack, it is very difficult to deal with the underlying anxiety.

Someone with general anxiety, after experiencing an anxiety attack, quite fear naturally has one more. And, because their daily anxiety levels are higher than usual, fear of experiencing more anxiety attacks can actually cause them to happen. Only ‘fears’ from other attacks actually became “fuel” for attacks. So it’s very important to cut the fuel supply, i.e. Eliminate fear factors.

Let’s look at several popular maintenance options for anxiety and anxiety attacks …

Prescription drug.

This is usually your first-line treatment. The most prescribed seems to be small sedative, anti-depressant and beta blockers.

Minor tranquilizers help to calm you up and calm you up. Many actings are quite fast and very useful during anxiety attacks.

Anti-depressant works to online uk buy valium roche 10mg lift your mood by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. This tends to work for the long term.

Beta blockers are usually used to eliminate physical symptoms of anxiety such as shaking and vibration.

They all have a variety of negative side effects. These are things like exhausted, agitation, diarrhea, nausea, short-term memory loss, disorientation and even dependency problems. Note: Your doctor will explain the side effects of each particular drug to you. If you have used drugs because of anxiety, don’t stop them without first talking to your doctor.

Free therapy

This is a treatment such as counseling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, etc. Therapy ‘speaking’ basically teaches you how to ‘manage’ your disturbance, for example, changing your negative thoughts into thoughts and positive actions. They are usually long-term care.

Self-help treatment for anxiety attacks

These are things like self-hypnosis, meditation, aerobic exercise, yoga, joining self-help groups and so on. A sufferer must be single-minded to achieve success with this tactic. But again they are a coping technique rather than healing. They don’t really get to the bottom of the thing.

Does this treatment eliminate fear of other anxiety attacks?

Well, according to Joe Barry (see below) they don’t. This treatment for anxiety and anxiety attacks, both works on symptoms, or, manages the disorder. And without cutting fuel supply, the drug for anxiety can be very difficult and prolonged, with further anxiety attacks along the way.