How to Play the Game of Snooker

Learning the rules of snooker is not as difficult as some might think. This is a cue sport that requires thought, concentration, and strategy as well as a range of skills. Of course, it also requires you to know the rules of the game and part of this is knowing how many points the different balls are worth when playing snooker.

Snooker is played with a total of twenty two balls in total. Out of these, one is known as the cue ball, which is white, and this is not worth any points as it is the ball that is used to pot the other coloured ball on the table into one of the pockets of the snooker table.

The majority of the coloured balls that are used in the World snooker championship prize money  game of snooker are red one. There are fifteen red ones in total and these are worth just one point each. There are also six other coloured balls used in the game of snooker. The colours of these balls are as follows: yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. The point value for each of these coloured balls varies, ranging from 2 points through to 7 points depending on the colour. The point value for each of these balls is as follows:

The yellow is worth 2 points

The green is worth 3 points

The brown is worth 4 points

The blue is worth 5 points

The pink is worth 6 points

The black is worth 7 points

When you are playing snooker the initial aim of the game is to pot a red ball and then pot a coloured ball and the higher the value of the coloured ball the more points you will get. Each time a coloured ball is potted whilst there are still red balls on the table it has to be taken out of the pocket and returned to the table. However, once the reds have all gone the aim of the game changes slightly in that the aim now is to pot all of the colours in order of their value, starting from the lowest value ball, which is the yellow, through to the highest value ball, which is the black.

When playing a snooker match each of the games in the match is known as a frame and whoever has scored the most points, based on the balls that they have been potting, at the end of each game has won that particular frame.