Information About Alicante Airport in Spain

Spain has become one of the most popular tourist and holiday destinations on the planet. The total number of visitors and holiday makers who come to Spain each year is more than 150% the numbers of the whole of the Spanish population!

So what is it that makes Spain such an spain hostels attraction for all these tourists and holidaymakers?

One of the most obvious reasons is the beautiful Spanish weather which becomes more and more appealing as the Northern European winters and even summers seem to become wetter and gloomier year after year. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, it is true that regions such as the Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa Almeria are a tremendous draw for anyone looking to escape the grey of a Northern Europe winter or even Northern European summers of late!

-In addition to the climatic adavantages, Spain is a country which offers tremendous geographical variety and diversity. After Switzerland and Austria, Spain comes third in the league table of most mountaineous European countries. Having driven from the top to the bottom of the country in one very hot Spanish summer I can certainly vouch for this quite surprising statistic? Well, you can in the Sierra Nevada mountains which lie just 1 hours drive north of Malaga and the beaches of the Costa Del Sol.

-Culturally, Spain is amazingly diverse as you will notice in its art and architecture, cuisine and its peoples. In the South of Spain there is the unmistakable influence of Spain’s Moorish heritage’peoples of Arabic origin who settled in Andalucia many centuries ago. The Alhambra Palace in Granada is probably one of the most famous and impressive legacy of Moorish architecture in the whole of this region.

-Linguistically too, Spain is very diverse. Catalan, a language as much akin to French as Spanish, is widely spoken in the North East of Spain and in great historical cities such as Barcelona you will see signs written in both Catalan and Spanish.

-Perhaps one of the biggest attractions for many tourists is the Spanish way of life. Whilst the often referred to “manana” culture can sometimes be very frustrating if you need something done in a hurry, there is no doubt that the outdoor lifestyle which is enjoyed by the Spanish people is much to be admired and envied by us Northern Europeans who are confined to indoor activities only for many months of the year.

-What could be nicer than being able to eat evening and weekend meals outside, even on a small patio, or roof terrace for 9 months of the year? To be able to buy acheingly fresh fruit and vegetables from the outdoor markets, and perhaps best of all to be able to stroll safely around the town or village each evening after one’s meal in the pleasant and warm evening air!