Techniques for playing the lucky fish shooting game How to play and make a lot of money

in terms of playing techniques Easy to shoot fish, Players can play in many ways. For the game FISHING 2, there are ways to play that can make money easily as follows:

1. Choose to shoot Machine Cannon to receive free ammunition rewards. because of the ammunition reward of this game Players can collect up to 999 rounds if using free ammo to kill fish. It will help to kill easier and not waste our money as well.

2. For those who have a lot of capital to play. Highly recommended to hunt for feature fish. Because the special feature fish will give players very high prize money. But it takes a long time to shoot because these fish are quite difficult to die. If the capital is low, it may not be worth it.

3. Upgrade the gun to the final. because the gun that has been upgraded will make the shot stronger It makes it easier for us to kill fish. Plus, get higher prize money as well.

4. Always use the assist function like target lock as a helper. which will allow us not to miss shots notwaste ammunition And not waste time with

5. Fish for Boom is another good option to kill several fish at once. which allows players to choose to shoot this feature will allow us to make profits at one time easily

Combining cool features, fish shooting techniques

for this game, in addition to the function is cool, can playbetflix fish shooting techniques, and some features are chosen that are cooler. The cool features of the game are as follows:

• Happy Moment Collect points to receive 1-6 times your normal prize money

• Fish for Double, a special bonus that allows players to win up to 100 times

• Dark Hole Turtle, a special feature that helps kill fish. 4 fish at the same time

• Fish is coming. Change the fish in the pond mode. This game will have fish in the pond every 5 minutes.

• Fish for Boom Instantly kill fish. Fish in the pond that pays less than 10 times will be killed instantly.

• Goldfish strikes. Special fish that swim in. To help increase the prize pool

  • Machine Cannon randomly receives 20-100 free rounds

    • King Crab has a chance to win 1000 times the prize pool

    • Lucky fish randomly receives a prize of 300, 500, and 1000 times your stake.