Tips for Removing Bad Smells From Your Car

Bad smells in your car are something serious for both drivers and passengers. It can ruin drivers and passengers feelings all day long, which is really not good for both physical and mental health. And most people might not have time to get your car cleaned properly. So, these are tips for you to remove bad smells from your car and how to prevent them in the future.

Why are There Bad Smells in Your Car?

Most of the time drivers and passengers bring their food and drinks in the car to eat and drink it in the car. The smell from food and drinks can circulate in the air conditioning system, leading to the problem. Moreover, sometimes, there are some food wastes left in the car uncleaned. Because of that, bad smells become worse and worse. Another reason for bad smells in cars is that the air filter for the air conditioning system in your car is not fully functional.

Solutions for Removing Bad Smells in Your Car

First of all, you have to check your car that there is any garbage, food waste, or things that might cause odor in your car. If there are any of those in your car, remove them all immediately. Secondly, getting rid of dust in your car also helps the problem of bad smells. By using car interior cleaner products, your car would be a lot cleaner as it was. Thirdly, let the air from outside flow into your car. By opening all car windows, the air from outside will flow and replace the smells in your car. If you want it to be more effective, parking your car beneath direct sunlight also helps you with the problem of the smells as well. After the process, if there is still the smell in your car, or you want to remove the smell quickly, you might want to use odor spray for cars to remove the smell. However, if all these tips do not work. You might have to use a full-service car wash from a nearby car wash to let the workers clean the interior of your car. The reason why you have to use that service is because you need some specific tools for cleaning the interior, which you might not have in your household.

 After you remove bad smells in your car, putting charcoal, and pandan leaves in your car, which can be abundantly found in Thailand, would be a great way to prevent bad smells in your car. And you might need to be more careful about eating food and drinking beverages in your car as it is considered a main reason for bad smells in your car.

 After preventing those bad smells in your car, you might want to consider how you can prevent car accidents from happening to your car. It is unfortunate that we never know where and when accidents would occur. So, buying car insurance in Thailand would help you a lot in case you meet with a car accident.