What color dress shoes men should have

You can see the confidence in a man when he walks into a room wearing his best clothes, down to his shoes. The process of color-coordinating your suit or men’s outfit with dress shoes doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many options for basic shoe colors Dress Shoes for Men.

A man’s wardrobe should have these basic colors as well as some other shoes for “special occasions.” Let’s get started with the basics. The foundation gives you freedom, choice, class, and style in choosing a stylish shoe for every occasion.

Black or cordovan is the most traditional and classic of men’s shoes. This soft, fine grained leather is a soft brown. This style goes well with most suit types. The brown is the next main color in men’s dress shoes. These shoes look good with khakis and slacks in a warm tone.

Chestnut, another basic color men’s dress shoe, is also available. It’s a deeper brown hue that resembles wood grain. This classic men’s dress shoes looks great with tweed and silk in all earth tone colours. White is an alternative, more common color, for men’s shoes.

The Italian leather quality white dress shoes are great for complementing a nice suit. It’s like a fashion statement shoe. You can put together an all white suit and any colour of dress shirt. It can also be used as an “accent”, shoe. A black and a white-coordinated suit looks great. These shoes are your essentials. They are functional as well as foundational when it is time to choose the right dress shoes for men.

Let’s see some of the most unusual color men’s formal shoes. These shoes are ideal for special occasions or when the rules don’t apply to you. Burgundy is a wonderful shoe color. Burgundy can be worn with black or brown shoes, as long you have a burgundy tie, shirt, belt, or shirt.

Oxblood is another color for men’s dress shoes. This medium-toned shade of reddishbrown goes well with both dark and earthy suits. Taupe, which is a brownish color, can be worn with earth-toned pants.

A pair of Italian leather black and brown dress shoes is a great way to show off your style. They look great with a coordinated black and white suit. Other colors are also available for men’s dresses shoes. These are special order items. They are well worth it for a high-quality pair of Italian leather shoes. Every man should have the ability to choose between quality and color in his shoes. High quality shoes can last for a long time, while color offers men more options.