What does you can benefit from the National Lottery Contributes to Society

The deadline for entry into this year’s British Lottery Awards on February 12th of 2010. The awards are presented to the projects that are funded through the lottery, and which is voted by the public as the most effective. This highlights an aspect in the UK lottery that is often ignored. Sally Lindsey, a television actor, presented the awards during a ceremony that took place at the London Transport Museum.

Sally was joined by volunteers of the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service, which was significant, considering that both the WRVS as well as the museum are both beneficiaries of the British National Lottery.Live Draw SGP

The lottery is typically thought of as a contest between winners and losers but every week there are number of winners. They’re the causes and charities.

Every week, the lottery generates PS25 million for the areas that are in need in all walks of life. 28p from every entry is donated towards the fund for charity. PS24 billion was given to worthy initiatives across the UK in the years since it first introduced in 1994.

The Cathedral of St Davids in Pembrokeshire was built in 1181 on the location in which an earlier church been located. Over the years, it has been the victim of vandalism from soldiers as well as an earthquake, and constant erosion due to the weather. This battle for survival is now a bit more palatable in recent times thanks to an award by the National Lottery. This means that the south cloister and the north porch can be restored.

The ITV television channel screened the series of shows dubbed “The People’s million,” which also gave out lottery winnings. One of the projects that received an award from this program was Rowan Gate Primary School, that received PS50000 to upgrade their physiotherapy pool, which will improve accessibility for swimmers with disabilities.

A major project funded through the UK lottery draws funded an array of projects that focus on the remembrance of servicemen who were killed during the Second World War. PS17 million was donated for The Heroes Return scheme to enable veterans of the war to visit the places of so many memories. The beneficiaries included 58 veterans of the Royal Navy who were then allowed to visit Penang as well as Singapore.

Grants ranging from PS500 to PS20000 were made available as an extension of the project, Home Front Recall, to commemoration projects that honored the events and people of the conflict. Another program called Their Past Your Future gave children the opportunity to gain an understanding of the war and to meet those who were affected by it.

Twenty-eight per cent in UK lottery draw funds were given to the areas that are the most vulnerable of Britain in which they have been a huge impact. Overall, this National Lottery has made a significant impact on different parts of Britain over the fifteen years that it has been in operation. It may appear as if it is just about drawing winners and losers. However, the results are more significant and positive than what is initially evident.

Keith Braithwaite has had twenty years of experience and is a keen observer of direct selling. He is an approved Elottery affiliate. Other hobbies include personal development and drawing, painting photography, walking and being outdoors in general.